Lights, Cameras, Action!

Lights, Cameras, Action!
Film Making in the Classroom.

Jose Martinez
Media Arts and Yearbook Teacher
Upper Grand District School Board
Twitter @chilebeans

We will watch the first 30s of the first film and the entire second film. Which film did you prefer and why?

Share your thoughts on this Google Doc

Grade 12 Documentary

Grade 12 30s Film with the theme, “Out of Time”

Your students have access to a camera on their phones, class iPads, class Android devices or some other cameras.
Students have software on their phones or access to school computers with software to edit.

Some Suggested Software for Movie and Stop Motion Editing
Tablets, iPhone, iPad

Stop Motion for iPad
NFB StopMo ($2.99)
Koma Koma (free)

Online Editors
We Video
Chromebook Editor

Adobe Premiere Elements

Tips to Making Better Films.

1. Teach about good camera techniques and angles

– Keep camera or device as still as possible (tripod, lean device on a table, shoot from the ground)
– Use different camera angles
– First film assignment is short and they need to show they understand basic camera techniques
[Link to my grade 10 media arts class site, with first 20s assignment]

2. Be specific with how long the film will be

– My students usually don’t make films longer than 1 minute.
First film is 20s and their second film is 30s
Grade 12 student 30s films with the theme “Out of Time”

Grade 10 film 30s film with the theme “The Mission”

3. Spend time on Pre-Production

Students need time to brainstorm, see exemplars.

Get students to storyboard if possible.


 Link to a Blank Storyboard
Conference with students before handing them the camera

4. Instead of film, what about Stop Motion?

Inspired by Lee LeFever and Terry Gillian

Stop Motion with Paper and Clay as Art

Stop Motion to demonstrate understanding

[Link to Ms. Martinez lesson plan for this project]

Great App to use is NFB StopMo

5. Celebrate films and critique them

Students should share their work with their peers

Celebrate student work in class or possibly with a film festival


Encourage students to give each other feedback, privately or in class

6. Enter online contests

OSSTF Secondary Contest
Ontario Mining Association
Change the View Video Contest

Animation Chefs (Kids teaching kids about animation, with contests too!

7. School trip to Toronto

Get involved with Hot Docs for Schools
Take your students to the Bell Lightbox
Take advantage of the NFB and visit them and their website


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